Marijoy Angeles

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     Hi, my name is Marijoy, but you can call me MJ.  I'm a young Filipino American woman who takes pride in her culturally rich background and the history of her ancestry. I am literally and symbolically a life-long student, hungry for further education on Civil Rights, the Government and it's workings, History and Law.

     I love sports! At South San Francisco High School, I played volleyball, basketball and badminton.

      I attended Skyline College where I received my Associates Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and had transferred to UC San Diego to study Political Science and Public Law.  Unfortunately, I realized that I did not want to continue that pathway and decided to come back home, so I am presently pursuing Nursing, hopeful to attend a Nursing Program/School in the Bay Area. 
     My involvement in the Kababayan Program at Skyline College led me to participate in the English Writing/Production class which is the preparation for Skyline College's Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) 2010.  There I learned more about my heritage, history and culture.  The production gave me the opportunity to learn Cultural Dancing/Philippine Folkdance through the Kababayan Dance Troupe and sister company, Barangay Dance Company! Right then and there, I fell in love!

     I've been dancing with Barangay Dance Company since and have enjoyed my time learning more of my cultural background. I look forward to learning more and more dances, techniques, and performances in order to raise widespread awareness and contribute to cultural preservation!