Christine Ann Q. Aquino

Dancer / Musician                                                   

Archives and CAP Coordinator
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     My name is Christine Ann and I do a  variety of things which I tend to forget I can do. I like to watch anime, play piano, play various Philippine instruments, paint, eat Asian snacks, digitally edit things, dance, and design theater lighting. I am pretty sure there is much more. I am quite unusual but I also look normal like everyone else with me always trying smile, its very challenging. I am quite the thinker; you can find me quietly staring off in the distance.

     I have been dancing with Barangay for two years. I joined because of my elder sister who was a member of Barangay. I hear I am a woman of few words, but I am willing to elaborate when you ask me a question. I am currently studying to receive my Associates Degree in Natural Science so I can further my studies in Molecular Cell Biology. I love going to underground contemporary art exhibits and listening to underground hip hop, instrumentals, classical and indie music. I am a child of history who is always thirsty to learn about my culture and I love to tell my friends about the history of Filipinos in America.