Roel Buenaventura

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     Roel Buenaventura has been involved with Philippine  folk art and culture from his roots in Edmonton, Alberta Canada starting in 1993.  " Becoming interested in folk music with the Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society (founded by Bert David) as a young dancer has fostered a keen awareness of performance art, dance and cultural music, under the mentorship of choreographer Emily Soriano, a seasoned and talented performer with Kultura Filipina in the Philippines.  She shared her unique ability to take traditional folk dances from the Philippines' mountain and southern provinces and infuse them with creative contemporary movement.
     After moving to the United States to Vallejo and then San Francisco in 1999, Roel first became aware of Barangay Dance Company of San Francisco and Artistic Director Bonifacio Valera during a performance at Laguna Honda Hospital in celebration of Philippine Independence Day. From there, his involvement has allowed growth and experience in dance and movement with an emphasis in the traditions and folkloric presentations of cultural dance with multiple stage performances and dances for the community all around Northern California.

    Roel states: "Barangay has given me a love for movement and music... expression through the art form, as well as an outlet towards music and dance - that's where one can truly find their personality. It has molded my friendships, and connected me with people that I truly adore.   They are my family, and I would consider them really a part of me, my heart and soul during this journey in life."

     When he is not dancing, he is practicing the art and science of Physical Therapy in an acute rehab setting after undergraduate preparation from the University of Alberta and Masters-prepared from Loma Linda University.  His training and education required a hiatus from formal cultural and folkloric dancing for a few years until he could establish his career.  As of now he recently resume his involvement with Bonifacio Valera and the dance company in expression of their beautiful cultural artistic visions.

     “Music is our common thread, and I appreciate it in all forms. Live music, bands, performing artists and musicians.  I am also a member of a church choir led by Maestro Leon Palad who teaches classical vocalizatons. Currently singing with the St. Thomas More Church Choir since 2009, I relish all opportunities to learn and better myself.   In my spare time I enjoy racket sports, traveling and spending time getting to know people.  I am a gentleman, and I like to serve others - give of my time, my attention, or my talent.  Currently singing with the St. Thomas More Choir and dancing for the Barangay Dance Company, I am excited about the opportunity to once again give back and learn from my artistic mentors”