Robert Claro Lopez

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     ROBERT "Bobbit" LOPEZ is the Vice-President of Lahing Kayumanggi Folk Arts Associaton, Inc. and Music Director of Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Ensemble of Laguna, Philippines.  Bobbit is an alumnus of the world-renowned Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company. He was part of the national and international group that toured locally and internationally to represent the Philippines in various cultural, dance and arts festivals. He was the Music Coordinator of Bayanihan for five years and was a member of the company’s research team from 1995-1999 that conducted research of the Philippines’ rich and diverse culture.

     As a member of Bayanihan, Bobbit was well-known for his virtuosity on the kulintangan and the flute and his extensive field research experience in Philippine and International folk music. In 1999, Bobbit, along with his wife Clarissa, also an alumna of Bayanihan who’s known for dancing the Banga/Salidsid solo in which she balances 12 graduated clay pots on her head, co-founded Lahing Kayumanggi Folk Arts Associaton and launched Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Ensemble with the mission of preserving and promoting the Filipino culture and arts through folk dance and music.

      Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Ensemble has since performed for the Cultural Center of the Philppines, Folk Arts Theater, Concert at the Park, Wow Philippines – Intramuros and other cultural and arts events in the Philppines and has represented the Philippines in festivals and events in South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. Lahing Kayumanggi is accredited by National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and recognized by the Cultural Center of the Philppines as one of the principal performing groups of the Philippines. Both Robert and Clarissa were awarded Laguna's Best Award in recognition of their excellent achievement in the field of culture and arts. Both are members of the Philippine Folk Dance Society and the International Council for Dance (CID). For more information on Lahing Kayumanggi and its programs, please visit their website at