Allan Tina

Dancer / Lead Musician                                        Back to Performing Artists Page
     I was first exposed to Philippine folk dancing back in my high school years. At that time, I wasn't aware of how big the Philippine folk dance community was. I also didn't realize the vast amount of dances that existed and how meaningful each of these dances are. It wasn't until I started to actively attend PCN's (Philippine Cultural Night) under the instruction of Barangay and Kababayan Dance Troupe, that I really started to gain truthful insight about Philippine folk dance. Ever since, I have been an active member with goals of becoming a better dancer and to further expand my knowledge about my culture and the Philippine folk dance community.

     On a personal note, I have been dancing for almost half of my life. Dancing has kept me going for many years and has played a huge part in developing my identity. I enjoy learning different types of dances to add to my dancing repertoire. Primarily, I dance modern and hip-hop as well as old-school and funk style dances. Transitioning from those styles to Philippine folk dance has been a huge challenge for me, but regardless; I enjoy every challenge that is given to me because it tests me as a person and as a dancer.